We Are Saint Columba Strong!

There are many reasons to become part of the Saint Columba community. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Rigorous Curriculum

Our educational programs consist of carefully planned, well executed curriculum practices. We utilize standards-based curriculum mapping, solid instructional pedagogy, and appropriate assessment based on research and best practices. They are developed to meet and address the needs of students and are designed to produce student learning at all levels.


Student Support Services

St. Columba recognizes that every individual child has the ability to excel and to succeed.

That’s why we strive to meet the needs of each student. Classes provide researched differentiated instruction so that student’s are enriching what they know and getting the proper attention in the areas they struggle with. Our SAT team helps ensure that students have any specialized needs met within the classroom. We also have several enrichment programs and activities that enhance upon our student’s academic prowess.

Highly Qualified Staff


Each of our well trained teachers brings with them a myriad of researched educational practices and techniques all presented in their unique teaching style. We are also proud to have had two recipients of the prestigious Golden Apple award as part of our staff. Want to know more about them? You can visit our teacher pages under the academics tab in the menu above and find out more about your next prospective teacher!


Supportive Community Atmosphere


One of Saint Columba’s best qualities is it’s community. We are a culmination of highly supportive staff, students, and families. Each classroom nurtures students’ exceptional qualities of respect, empathy, and positivity both in and out of our faith based curriculum. Teachers work and communicate with parents to foster this growth. Older students act as role models for the younger students with the opportunity to take positions of community leadership as part of our school patrol.

Strong Student Performance on Standardized Testing

Overall, students at St. Columba have shown a higher score performance on standardized testing compared to students in our county public school system. Standardized testing is one of the many tools the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools uses to measure our students’ mastery of important concepts and skills. The primary purpose of testing is to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching by identifying both strengths and areas of improvement. Test scores are an important measure of performance, but they cannot and should not be the sole criteria upon which a family decides which Catholic school best fits their unique circumstances.

8th grade working

Paving The Way After Saint Columba


Our 8th graders have a strong record of receiving accolades by the time graduation rolls around. We have a large number of students accepted to highly acclaimed Catholic High Schools every year including Bishop McNamara, Elizabeth Seton, DeMatha, and more. On average, the graduating class receives more than $150,000+ in academic awards from various academic institutions.