Welcome to Upper Wing Math!

About me:
Mrs. Lauren Downs is our Middle
School math teacher with over 10 years experience. Mrs. Downs received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and her Master’s degree from George Mason University. She is a former St. Columba parent, and is excited to be back at St. Columba School as part of our faculty!
Establishing a Connection

I help students develop their character, inspire them to seek knowledge, and to persevere in difficult moments. In order to guide students and help them to develop, I take the time to get to know each one and build a relationship that allows trust.

Looking at the Big Picture

The purpose of education is to facilitate learning, develop character, inspire the seeking of knowledge, and cultivating perseverance. It’s not just imparting academic knowledge; it involves developing the student as a whole to be prepared for the rest of their life.