Welcome to the 6th Grade!

Mrs. Downs

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email: downsl@stccatholic.org

About me:
Mrs. Lauren Downs is our Middle
School math teacher with over 10 years experience. Mrs. Downs received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and her Master’s degree from George Mason University. She is a former St. Columba parent, and is excited to be back at St. Columba School as part of our faculty!
Looking at the Big Picture

I believe the best practices in math education include using multiple modalities, differentiating instruction, using cooperative learning, focusing on “why”, versus memorization, and adapting to student needs. Using multiple modalities allows student opportunities to see the information presented in different formats, which increases the opportunity for students to grasp a new concept and reach the level of understanding. Using differentiated instruction provides multiple approaches to new concepts allowing students to learn and to be challenged on their level. Cooperative learning is useful in learning how to engage with a team on problem-solving. Teaching students why math problems are solved, instead of only teaching the process increases the level of understanding.