Parent's Corner

Who We Are

Our children’s success depends upon a strong partnership among school administration, faculty and the parents.

That’s why the mission of the St. Columba Home and School Association (HSA) is to facilitate ways for parents to partner with the administration and faculty to support the academic success and spiritual development of the students of St. Columba School.

The HSA is led by six elected Executive Board members, appointed committee chairpersons and school representatives that meets monthly to determine and promote activities throughout the year to strengthen our community.

To contact the HSA Board, please send an e-mail to or contact the school office.


Our Events

The HSA hosts specific events, large and small, throughout the school year. Each event has a specific purpose, be it fellowship, fundraising or social, and is led by parent volunteers. Events provide an opportunity for all of us to connect with fellow parents and STC faculty. Join us!

What is Scantron?

The Archdiocese of Washington utilizes a standardized assessment known as Scantron to help drive instruction in the classroom.

The Scantron assessment is taken three times throughout each school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and is directly tied into the ADW curriculum standards. Additionally, the Scantron assessment actively measures student progress and areas of need by scaling questions based on individual performance. In doing so, our school is able to make full use of the assessment data to modify instruction and match the needs of our students efficiently.


Parent Guide

Parent’s Guide to Performance Series Scantron Testing

What is the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board represents a network of individuals that provide immeasurable hours of service providing experience and expertise in a variety of ways to the school and community and working together in a cohesive, encouraging, and creative manner to promote and strengthen the St. Columba community.


The concept of the St. Columba School Advisory Board is “based on the belief in the importance and power of shared leadership.”  The board function provides us an opportunity to come together as a community to offer advice, insight, and support to the pastor and principal regarding school policies in accordance with the mission of the school and the policies of the Archdiocese of Washington.


For more information, contact us at


Advisory Board Members and Committee Assignments


Executive Committee

Aurora Carmichael, Chair
Sean Carroll, Vice-Chair and Chair, Marketing and Enrollment Committee
Heidi Capati, Secretary
Geneen Delarosa, Chair, Advancement Committee Lauren Downs, Faculty Representative and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
Vincent Estrella, Chair, Communications/Technology Committee
Monica Outland, Chair, Facilities and Grounds Committee

Board Members

Heidi Capati, Secretary
Aurora Carmichael, Chair
Sean Carroll, Vice Chair, and Chair, Marketing Committee

Geneen Delarosa. Chair, Advancement Committee

Stephanie Downs, Faculty Representative, Co-Chair, Marketing and Enrollment Committee

Lauren Downs, Faculty Representative and Chair Strategic Planning Committee

Ryan Estorninos, HSA Representative

Vincent Estrella, Chair, Communications/Technology Committee

Punitha Kelly

Michael Maxey, Co-Chair, Facilities/Grounds Committee

Monica Outland, Chair, Facilities and Grounds Committee

Dulce Palor, Co-Chair Strategic Planning Committee
Lera Rickling, Chair, Annual Auction Subcommittee

Junette Scott

Vivian Luke Vanzego

Pastor (ex officio)
Rev. Fr. Gary Villanueva

Principal (ex officio)
Christine Patton

We need your support!  Please consider the following activities:


  • Hot Lunch Volunteers are always needed for service from 11:20 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Contact Florence Liao, Room Parent Coordinator,


  • Facilities/Grounds Committee needs volunteers.  Contact Monica Outland.


  • Fundraising/Promotions Committee needs volunteers to prepare Box Tops/Labels for Education.  Contact Nicole Vickers (


Service hours can be earned on an annual basis (25 hours subject to approval) or on an hourly basis.  Please contact any Home and School board member or event chairperson for information and details.  You may also send any inquiries to Contact Nicole Vickers (


For information regarding Virtus Training sessions:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Registration tab located on the left side of the page
  3. Click “view a list of sessions”
  4. Select your organization, scroll down to Washington DC (Archdiocese)
  5. View list of sessions/classes upcoming in your area
  6. Lastly, proceed with registration process