STEM Certification Initiative

In our ever growing efforts to improve the quality of your children's education, we have adopted the STEM initiative into our instructional routine.

Saint Columba School is no stranger to STEM education. However, we are excited to announce that we have begun taking the steps forward towards becoming a Cognia certified STEM school! As a result, we will be implementing a more heightened integration of STEM components into our regular curriculum.

Why does STEM matter?

STEM is a multifaceted instructional tool that provides students with practical, experience based learning. This gives students an first-hand opportunity to solve problems with real-world applications. Studies have shown that this “hands-on” approach to learning results in greater information retention, allowing students to take their experiences outside of the classroom and with them into the real world.


What does STEM look like in Saint Columba?

– Project based learning
– School wide activities
– Teamwork opportunities
– Interdisciplinary education
– Applying knowledge to experience
– Encouraging experimentation and creative thinking